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Items Needed for Training


Cash, preferably exact amount needed for birds. Bird orders and collection of training fees are generally the first things done at training.


WATER! Not just for you but for your dog also. Bring a squirt bottle for when running your dog in the field, a bowl for down time, and the amount is generally going to be based on how much your dog drinks and how hot it is.


Orange, this is because state law mandates you to have a certain amount of orange on.


Plan according to the weather that is in the forecast. Rain gear, muck boots, towels, and change of clothes can be things needed.


Chair and food. If you've been to one of our training you realize many of our members do not stop. If you have been sitting please offer to help in any way, even if you are told that there is nothing to do you can walk along. Remember you can ask questions and sometimes watching can be a good way to learn.


Leashes, collars, and e-collar. If you run your dog on a check cord you must provide it, if you are doing table work and want to use a prong collar it's best to have your own. Make sure that your e-collar is charged and ready to go.


If you are using a blank gun one of the members may have one but do not rely on that so have your own or ask for someone to bring one. If you are planning on having game shot it is polite to offer ammo for your gunner, not required but polite. If you plan to gun please bring a break open shotgun and enough ammo and be prepared to walk. When gunning please use your best judgment and even when using a blank gun watch where it is pointed.

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